Virgin of Vladimir (+ image by the hand of Stephen Allison 2008)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Fountain of Love/ Wind of Change

4th August

Picture of Jesus Heart and from His Heart and eruption of Love like a fountain which fills each persons heart to overflowing written in the flow is his name Jesus.
Our hearts are filed with Jesus and we are feel at one with Him and He with us.
Picture of the Host elevated at mass written on the Host is Jesus who is the word each person who receives Jesus is fed and is filled with Him and is at one with Him.
This great gift of Jesus which we have is for our own building up and the building up of the Church. A gift that is very special and yet very ordinary. Ordinary bread made into the extraordinary our very own Lord Jesus. Our Lady said that wars and all terrible things could be averted if we prayed enough and believed in her Son Jesus.
This is a year dedicated to priests - we are well aware of the shortcomings of some priests - but must also be aware of all the good that comes from priests too. Priests are chosen from folk just like you and me they are under terrible pressures now and in real need of our prayers through the intercession of Mary and especially through the name of Jesus. No vice no sickness or any diabolical thing can last out against the name of Jesus. If a priest does wrong or is struggling or tired are we praying enough? I feel Mary is asking us to bring everything to the Love of her son Jesus and He will sanctify, He will make strong, He will justify, He will encourage through our prayers His Church, His people and especially His priests
Romans 5 v15 onwards

18 August

Let peace reign in your hearts - follow me Sing to the Lord a new song

25 August

Prepare for a wind of change to blow through you. For I am sending my Spirit to soak you in my Love and Mercy. Your hearts will turn to me and I will do a great work in you. So pray for this wind of change to come soon.
Isaiah 54