Virgin of Vladimir (+ image by the hand of Stephen Allison 2008)

Friday, 17 March 2017

love will triumph

Notes of meeting on 14 March 2017

Picture of our Blessed Mother pointing with her hand to her Heart and her mind. then with her other hand she pointed to her Son crucified.
She says:
"My children dispose your hearts and minds toward my Son's act of redemption for every single one of you. Pray with all your minds and hearts for those who do not revere and love Him even those amongst yourselves.
When a bad thought or word comes into your mind look at my Son on the Cross, soon your thoughts will be thoughts of love and mercy and love will triumph over my adversary.
Always know that I pray for myriad graces to fall upon you and with your willing co-operation others will see this love and mercy in each of you and so they will be drawn to my Son through you.
My motherly love calls for your acts of penance and fasting so that all my sons and daughters will come to know the deep love and mercy of my Son Jesus.
I thank you and pray for you with my Maternal Heart. Mary."

His mercy forgives all our sins.
Though your sins are scarlet I will make them white as snow.

As we see the sins of the World, its greed, war and violence, we pray "Come down Lord".

Isaiah 58 v 7 - 10
Is it not to share your food with the hungry
    and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter
when you see the naked, to clothe them,
    and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?
Then your light will break forth like the dawn,
    and your healing will quickly appear;
then your righteousness will go before you,
    and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.
Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;
    you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.

“If you do away with the yoke of oppression,
    with the pointing finger and malicious talk,
10 and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
    and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness,
    and your night will become like the noonday.
One of the most famous stories about Martin of Tours occurred when he was still a soldier. One day, it is said, he met a beggar wearing rags. He took his sword and cut his military cloak in half and gave half to the poor man for his warmth. That night, Martin dreamed that Jesus was wearing the half of a cloak he had given away.

draw all souls to my Son

Notes of meeting on 7 March 2017

Picture of a raging river at full flow pushing everything out of its path.
Homes on unsteady ground fell into the river and were totally destroyed. All buildings crumbled.
When the river slowed and ebbed and its fury was at an end there was a magnificent island of rock and on this island was the Church of Christ shining like a star. Steadfast it had been battered and whipped by the water and wind but still stood.
Peoples from all around came and stood on the river banks looking, many stepped into the water or found driftwood and paddled over to the Church. As the people entered they were greeted by the Light of Love and Warmth. No one was turned way and all found succour.
Mary our Mother says;;
"My children, let your hearts be as grounded in my Son's faith as possible, let your hearts be welcoming and full of love and warmth for soon people will come to Jesus looking for a safe haven and peace. You my children will show them the way. Remember to pray at all times for the faith to convert souls and make little sacrifices to draw all souls to my Son.
I thank you with my Motherly Heart which is full of maternal love for you. Mary."

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pray sacrifice and be good

Notes of meeting on 28 February 2017

A picture of the world in darkness but there were little points of light, some larger, some smaller.
The heavens were lit up with many Angels armed with swords and breastplates and some with long trumpets.
There was a mighty thunder and from within could be heard:
"Where is the Faith? Where there is light sprinkle the Blood of the Lamb, no harm shall come to My own. My Son's Blood will cleanse the Earth."
Then Our Blessed Mother appeared before the Throne of the Most High, she was prostrate flat on the ground. She says:
"Dear Father you see the light of the Faithful ones, please allow the Holy Spirit and my Faithful army to pray and make sacrifice so that more will come to know Our Son and love You.
Please my Dear Father for the love of Your people allow more time to gather in more of my beloved children. I ask this in my Son's name who died for them."
The Father responds:
"My Daughter because of the great love I bear you and My Son and My beloved people I grant more time for I can withhold nothing before your tears. I will stay My Hand for a while longer and I send My Holy Spirit to guide you and yours in this endeavour."
Mary turns to us and pleads:
"Will you my people hep me even more by praying, making sacrifice and trying to be good for this will help in my plan to save more of your brothers and sisters and my Son's sacrifice will not be in vain.
I thank you as a mother who is frightened for her child, help me to nurse my child back to heath and to the happiness of Heaven. Mary."

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Prayer request

Please pray for healing for Ann Allison.

If anyone has prayer requests for this blog please contact Theotokos Prayer Group at

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March Prayer Intention 2017

March Prayer Intention 2017

We adore You O Christ and we praise You because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.
We adore You O Christ and we praise You because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.
We adore You O Christ and we praise You because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.