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On 23 January 1990 three Charismatic Prayer Groups from the Teesside area along with other interested people began Life in the Spirit seminars together. At the end of the seminars the groups discerned that the Lord was calling them to stay together as one group.

The name Theotokos was taken by this new group. Like Mary the Mother of God we try to stay open to Gods Spirit and his Word.

Theotokos Prayer Group meets Tuesdays at 8pm (7.30 Rosary) in St. Marys Presbytery, Major Street, Stockton -on- Tees, England. All are welcome.


The name Theotokos meaning "God Bearer" or "Mother of God" was a title given to the Virgin Mary and confirmed by the Council of Ephesus in 431 as a truth of the Churches faith.

Mary is Mother of God since by the Holy Spirit she conceived and brought forth into the world Jesus Christ the Son of God who is one with the Father.

The Council saw this belief in Mary as Theotokos as a seal on the belief in the incarnation of Jesus whereby he assumes human nature but in no way relinquishes his divine nature.

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